Global Support and Development

Global Support and Development (GSD) collaborates with communities that are at risk for disasters and supports them in preparing for future ones.

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The most successful responses are locally led and globally supported.


The first 24–96 hours after a disaster are some of the most critical. We’re focused on immediate support through humanitarian response in collaboration with affected communities, local, national, and international actors while identifying and working with communities to share knowledge and strengthen their ability to become more prepared and resilient for the long term.

We work directly with community members, country-level, and regional partners to amplify their work in preparation for and in response to disasters.

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MV DAWN at sea, with the shore in the foreground. By Nicole Canegata, N.C. Photography, LLC.
A crew member wearing a helmet holds a rope over the side of MV DAWN. By Nicole Canegata, N.C. Photography, LLC.

What we do

Since 2015, we’ve worked with communities in the Caribbean Basin and South Pacific to support disaster response through practical and specialized technical and resource support and strengthen disaster preparedness.

As we witness a rise in the frequency and severity of disasters, it has become even more critical for us to find new ways to support the most vulnerable communities. Our humanitarian vessel, MV DAWN, is dedicated to supporting communities throughout the Caribbean.

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Our approach

The best responses are locally centered and locally led. We value collaboration and seek opportunities to amplify existing work, both toward strengthening preparedness and in response to disasters. Our work is bound in collaboration with at-risk communities. We do not seek to create parallel systems or programs, rather to support the important work of local, national, and regional actors.

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The GSD Team on their way to clear debris.

Come make a positive impact with us

GSD has intentionally built a team with a variety of backgrounds and experiences including humanitarian, emergency responders, disaster response, military, development, and private sector. We believe diversity in lived and professional experiences promotes creative problem solving throughout the organization.

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What makes GSD so great to work for has always been, and will continue to be, the people that make up the team. The values that we hold dear as an organization can be observed not only in the mission but also in how the organization and the team interact with one another. There is such an amazing opportunity to learn and grow both as a humanitarian and as a professional.

Jessica Crump
Training Manager